Des motards européens non francophones viendront soutenir leurs homologues français en colère les 24 et 25 mars. Cette information est à leur intention.

Faced with stupid laws that will do nothing for our safety, but are just new opportunities to get fined, FFMC (French Federation of Angry Riders) calls for demos all around France on the 24th in most major cities, and in Paris on the 25th March. Riders from all across Europe welcome to fight against mandatory dayglow riding equipement, and for better safety and training. A list of the rendezvous points for demos can be found here, the list will be updated regularly.

Since we have a presidential election coming up, we wish to raise awareness and to remind the candidates that riders are also voters.

In addition other actions will take place, like the publication of our new manifesto for a better road safety ( and direct questions to all candidates about motorcycling (

The theme is “We want another road safety policy”, one that would not focus ONLY on fines, tight speed control and stupid regulations (mandatory hi-viz armband and breathalyser, PTI...), but would include better training, appropriate motorcycle-friendly road infrastructure, respect of citizens and civil liberties ...


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